Making Space for Bigger & Better Things

Making Space for B...

Grace Rodriguez asked on Google+ a few weeks ago: "Houston (and anyone else who'd like to weigh in): If you could create a coworking...

HoustonTXSW “Get...

Click here to RSVP: HoustonTXSW“Get **it Together!” Pre-SXSW Prep Workshop for Filmmakers, Musicians, Startups and Entrepreneurs...

Second Annual Ging...

Does your gingerbread yearn for a destiny in the annals of architectural history? Do you dream of pushing the structural limit of frosting a...

The Brain As Art...

"The Brain As Art" Workshop with Jacob ShiachSeptember 25, 2010 : 12pm-4pmCaroline Collective4820 CarolineBuild an EEG mach...


"Beyond the Print" Opening ReceptionJuly 16, 2010 : 7pm-10pmCaroline Collective4820 CarolineA blend of the...

Critically Carolin...

Come join us at Caroline Collective on February 27 from 6pm to 9pm for the opening of our newest art installation, titled Critically Caroli...

Caroline: A Collec...

The result, is a location-specific installation depicting multiple visions of one group. Each of these 21 blocks is photogr...

First Annual Ginge...

Ever wanted to make the most out of your gingerbread? Do you dream of pushing the structural limit of frosting and peppermint? Maybe you jus...

Houston Poster Art...

Over the past ten years, rock poster art has come out of the underground and into the forefront of people’s art collecting habits, perfect...


Please join the C2 Creative community in opening their new show Hous(e)ton at Caroline Collective Friday, October 2nd from 7pm to 9pm. The ...

We Help Houston Cr...

C2 Creative is a nonprofit organization that provides creative startups, groups, individuals and professionals with the education, guidance ...

Open Call for Arti...

As part of our mission in cultivating creativity and the arts in Houston, C2 Creative accepts ongoing applications from emerging and establi...
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